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Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were a military spouse?  Do you have an idea of what life as a military spouse is like? Have you ever wondered how a family is impacted by a loved one’s service? If you closed your eyes, what type of husband or wife do you visualize?  How would you describe a military spouse?

If I were to venture a guess, I would guess that one word you used to describe a military spouse is strong.  And, you would be correct.  But, there are other words to consider, too, like fragile.  And, that would also be a very accurate description. How can one be both strong and fragile?

I invite you to find out.  Come and see if the husband or wife  you have imagined is anything like a real military spouse. Come find out about what it means to be a military family. Learn  about the  real challenges facing our military members and their families, as they carry both the burden of service and the burdens of war.  The posts here are as varied the many shades of moods and emotions, and they are shaped by the struggles and solaces the founder and other military families have  experienced.   In the many discussions with military members and military families, from military spouses, significant others, to their friends and extended family, Silent Rank Sisterhood has learned that we are not alone.

And, yet, many service members and military spouses struggle, strive, and labor with the demands and challenges the military lifestyle brings, believing themselves to be alone, feeling isolated, overwhelmed, and unsupported.  Sadly, a huge disconnect exists, not just between the public and the Armed Forces, but also within the military population itself. The reasons for the disconnect are many and varied, and no one person, group, or organization can be blamed for the gap.  Tom Brokaw, in January of 2011, said this, “Less than 1% of the population chooses to serve, and yet they [and their families] carry 100% of the burden of this war.”  This not  said to provoke a game of  needless, catty finger-pointing or name-calling, but to illustrate why our military members and their families are in dire need of our support.

Because they continue to make sacrifices and serve our country, I believe that is the duty of the entire nation, from businesses to groups to communities to churches to individuals, to step up and show our service members that we are a proud and grateful nation.  We owe our military members a debt that cannot be repaid, and the least we can do is give them our support.  There is a saying, “You do not need to support the war, but you should always support the troops.”

And, that is the purpose and hope of Silent Rank Sisterhood.  The mission and the goal is to break through the barriers and connect our service members and their families to those who desire and are able to provide support. I find the most rewarding aspect of  Silent Rank Sisterhood  is when we are able to locate a resource, a program, an article, or a gesture of support and share it with our military members.  And, it is very exciting and encouraging to see how many wonderful, committed, and caring citizens actively engage in offering all manner of support and encouragement!  For that, on behalf of military families like mine, I would like to personally thank you!

I am passionate about the work that is being done here, from program development, to the Service Projects, to advocacy, to entrepreneurship development.  Every day, I engage with military members, military spouses, and their loved ones from all over.  It such a privilege to give voice to not just their stories of sorrow and hope, but to also share my  personal journey of the trials and joys I have endured as a military spouse with you. Because of my personal experiences, I have made it my mission to offer support, encouragement, hope, and comfort to our military members and their families.

But, I am just one person, and this but one organization.  The  needs of our troops and their families, whether Veterans, Wounded Warriors,  Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, or Fallen Heroes, are great and are growing!  We need you to stand with us, beside us, and offer your support!  Please do not let our troops and our military families carry our burdens and struggle alone! If you have not yet found a way to Support our Troops,  I encourage you to do so!   Whether grand or small, acts of kindness and support are meaningful, and most importantly, deeply appreciated by those who serve.

Thank You for Stopping By! I hope you visit again!

~ Kirsten O’Neill, Founder and CEO of Silent Rank Sisterhood

God Bless and Keep Our Troops and Our Military Families!

To our the men and women of our Armed Forces: Thank You for your Service and Sacrifices!

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